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Movers servicesYear by year we expanding the range of our services for our customers benefits. Although our main profile is moving business, you still free to have our movers serve your specific need. Movers services «Удобный переезд» pays attention of staff qualification.Movers services Do you think that anyone with no education or any qualification can be a good mover? Sure not.

Having good physical condition and skills of using special equipments what makes you an expert of your business. In order to load and move large heavy items you’ll need knowledge of physics.

The cost of a single mover service: 150-180 USD per 1 hour.

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Storage facility laoding service

Storage facility laoding service«Удобный переезд» is reliable company that fits your budget and meets your needs. We provide a full Removal Service such as apartment relocation, transportation of safes and ATMs, loading services. Today we present you Storage facility laoding service. It not the case when you can call your friends yo help you. No. It is professional’s job.

Whether you a big company with captive warehouse or trade firm you might need our help with packing or/and loading your items for you to speed up your bulk deliveries.

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