Museum furniture removal

3 Sep Categories: Cargo

Museum furniture disassemble and assembleAs a professional moving furniture company, we use to carry, pack, disassemble and assemble various types of furniture.

We are not surprised anymore by a great diversity of furniture styles and types, different size and shape variety can be used for our own purposes. Antique dressers, bunk beds, library shelving, Home Gym for kids, queen’s beds, huge size sofas are far more complicated to pack than your picture frames or books. We still not seen everything! (more…)

Move furniture safely and easily

2 Sep Categories: Cargo

Move furniture safely and easilyWhen it comes time to move whether its house relocation, office move or counry house moves plenty of people tend moving by theirs family and friends assistance think its enough simple task. But since it’s turned to furniture move everything is change. You need professionals to do it for you. If you need a help simply call us

«Удобный переезд» Company in Kiev present a comprehensive removals service. Domestic and bussines moves, packing, furniture assembling and delivering any number of furniture you need. (more…)

Why one move equal three fires?

2 Sep Categories: Cargo

Home or apartment removalHi, there! If you’re here reading this lines you are planning a move. As you ready to move, we can help you. Our company «Удобный переезд» provides affordable movers in Kiev for professional unpacking and packing services.

Why do you still hesitate? You hope you can save your money and your time if you consider moving yourself. Forget about it! (more…)

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