Assembling, Disassembling furniture when you move your business

3 Oct Categories: Assembly-Disassembly

Assembling, Disassembling furniture when you move your businessAs very often happens, when you have a new extension of the factory or you relocate your head office to the prestigious city sector it is very troublesome. It is always accompanied by a process of assembling and disassembling furniture. Some people call it Armageddon.

The main challenge of moving is when your furniture may not fit through your doorways and stuck or the elevator is too small for a massive oversize wardrobe. (more…)

Flat pack furniture assembly

3 Sep Categories: Assembly-Disassembly

Flat pack furniture assemblyMoving in to your new flat or into a new office is fun time experience. As good as changing your furniture and accessories in living room and kitchen after your house or flat renovation.

Whenever you purchase a new cabinet furniture sellers offer furniture assembly in your home or office. There is an extra fee for it. (more…)

Kitchen Assembly And Installation

3 Sep Categories: Assembly-Disassembly
Kitchens cabinets and Flat pack kitchen Assembly And Installation

Kitchens cabinets and Flat pack kitchen Assembly And InstallationIf you’ve renovated a kitchen, want to created a comfortable atmosphere, find the perfect color for your kitchen walls, choosing the right cabinetry and a size and configuration that suits your kitchen.

However, if you plan to spend any amount of time in your cozy kitchen room, for sure it is has to have friendly look, but also comfortably arranged. (more…)

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